Friday, August 28, 2009

Kelly bay trip + crocodile farm

Another fun activity during the holidays is Kelly Bay Trip
Kelly Bay is not considered Sabah well known travel destination
However, its promotion leaflet for university students shows that it includes activities such as
unlimited banana boat, kayak, surfing & water bicycle
So, it attracted us to go for it.
On the day of travel, we had sat the small school bus

Our first destination is crocodile farm

Inside the farm have a lot of crocodile (“duh”, of course), deer, cat fish, binturong beruang, peacock, fishes, ostrich and others… A lot of pictures had been took there, some of them look quite funny, haha.

(Liling, your turn to become my model to introduce the ostrich, haha)

After we finished our site seeing in the crocodile farm, then we sit back the school bus and went to Kelly bay… after about 10 min, we reached the jetty and took a sampan-boat that heading to Kelly bay.

Prior went up to Kelly bay,
all of us are busy applying sun block
Included the guyssss, haha.
This is how guys applying sunblock, haha.
After lunch, everyone run to the beach
This is the first time I know what is a bay

Kelly bay scenery is really nice
The sky and water are blue
Of course in this beautiful place, we took a lot crazy photos again

Some peoples play others by pressing people into water,
splashing water and etc.
Pity JY being pressed by ah heng
but after that, he press me into water pulak
Then, of course we got ride the unlimited banana boat

The banana boat is very 'good', it will capsize u 3 times++ per round
I heard some people said, they 1 round capsize about 7 times
And I also heard some people said,
They even played 7 rounds of banana boat
They really really crazy...
Really crazy but totally worth it if you like to play banana boat a lot
Although it is unlimited, but I only sit twice for the banana boat
However, still capsize for 6 times, which are 3 times each round
I remember the second round, we tell the uncle:
“Uncle uncle, we don't want capsize so many time,
1 time is enough, you just bring us around to view the scenery”
Mana tau
Ya, uncle really got give chance for us to view the scenery
But after all, he still capsize us for thrice, haha
In the second round, we learn how to turn the boat to prevent capsize
We only capsized when uncle purposely want us to get into water
Haha, its fun
Then, we rest at the beach where it got a lot ‘salong’ (like things for baby sleeping)
When me and liling are comfortably resting there, while looking at the blue sky
Suddenly, JM, the "puak makan orang" come and disturb us, haha

After resting, I joined the volleyball match
I help them score very little only, while my teammates are good

After finished the game, it is about time to sunset
The sunset scenery is nice, so romantic~~~

The meal provided is okay, but I like the breakfast the most
Breakfast is western style, quite delicious
The dinner provided is also okay (BBQ style)

After dinner, some people started to play card games

While my table play 火车,火车,嘟、嘟、嘟,你要去哪里
The long lost game that we always played during primary school

At night, we sleep in a camp
It is the first time I slept in a camp that built on the sand, very special :)
At first, we supposed to sleep in a camp with 4 peoples
But the other 2 slept too early
So me and LL decide to shift to a smaller camp beside

There are a lot stars at night… (I like stars…)
On the coastline, we saw some dimmed light
The most funny thing is my friend said that it might be sunrise
but that time is around 11pm already, haha
Then, another guy answer that it most probably is petroleum station
(This is more logic, haha)
About the game,
In this trip, we played Killer game again, haha
In 3 rounds game, I got Killer card twice
It is really excited and stress to become a Killer
But yet I'm able to act successfully and cheated a lot people.
The game prepared by Kelly Bay is fun and exciting
The Kelly Bay game start with a shooting game
(seem like i wanna shoot him, haha)
Then, big slipper

And the most exciting and disgusting game
The “lucky draw” ~~~got worm, chili padi, ginger with wasabi and raw egg
The worm is the most disgusting "prize",
Yet got 5 peoples so “lucky” to draw it and gonna eat it
Yerrr… see until I want to vomit
Got a girl even dare to bite it, really applause for her.
After those games, there are free time for us
LL and PL want to go for water bicycle and kayak together
So, only left me alone (kesian-nya saya)
But, nvm
I decide to join in another group,
which are the ssmp guys group
Previously, I am totally not close with any of them
Mostly only hi-bye when i meet them only, seldom talk
But during the trip, i eat, chat, and sing with them
Even act ‘wu ding’ MV with them [the MV is very funny]

Kayak with them

Now, I know Xue chin, chee tze, jinq yih, and CCY more already
Got chat and joking with them nowadays, haha
These peoples are really friendly and funny too
Haha, really have fun in Kelly Bay with a bunch of friends
Because of this trip, I had fun during the holidays with tons of fun memories

And of course pictures and MV, haha
And also knew more friends
I really glad that I joined this trip.
Dunno when only all of us could gather for another time
and have another fun and enjoyable trip?
Waiting for it…


P/S: I know this is a top post in my blog, so i had edited it.
       So blogger, how is it? You can leave a comment here. :)


Albert said...

Wow, good trip report^_^
i knew who r u at first glance on the comment you wrote oh ... i was awarded telepathy ba.. haha

Candlelyn said...

your blog very detailed lor..i think i not need to write my blog about kelly bay d..i directly post this link at my blog..hehe..

Jeannie said...

This is so interesting.. I think I have to go to Sabah and have u as my tour guide.. LOL

lysiew said...

haha, not organised by me one...actually kelly bay is not that interesting lah...bcoz only got banana boat can play, others...kayak like sampan...water bicycle broken...but if go with one gang of our close close friends, then will have fun together...

Jeannie said...

Yes! We shall go then!! =D

Triomedia said...

hahahaha.....i just realise you have write blog eh.....
recently, my friends plan to go sabah, then i said kelly bay + crocodile farm ba = cheap and near....
then she google search and ask me go this blog see see, mana tau is your blog JODOH ni...
Really so detail...!!!
well done girl...

Triomedia said...

pai seh...
triomedia = ah pei... =p

lysiew said...

Triomedia? the company you working now ah? ooo, online sambil kerja. :P
ya, now read back also perasan too detail ady. haha.
your friend sure bcoz saw ur face then only ask you read bah.
this one really is my blog top post.
glad you are here, long time no see.


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