Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today UMS result had released
we all students waited this day for so so long ady
we hoped the day come faster, so can know the result faster
but on another way, we scared too
dunno how is the result will look like
now i know my result
it is really a big relief
the overall cgpa is same with my 1st semester one
and previously i am very very worried about my account
and didn't thought i will be getting A- at the end
when i see this result really very very happy
bcoz it really very very high above my expectation

sometimes i think
when setting a target
should set very high or low?
if set high, we will pressurize ourself very much to achieve that high target
we might achieve it, but will stress all the way during the exam
if set low, easier to achieve,
but dunno whether it will score lower than the high target time or not
but i know when achieve very high over this low target
then will be very very happy

so should we set high or low target, i dunno lah...

i really hope that i can get good result next time also =)

Friday, June 26, 2009

1st time driving after taking license

if u not really know me and see this topic,
will think,
oh, u just took ur license,
and now is ur 1st driving
but actually i not 'just' get my license
actually i already get my license about 4 years ago
i think that at the year end of 2005 get license one
within this 4 years, i totally didn't drive even once
i think i might be totally forgot how to drive
so not confident enough with myself
make me frighthen to drive ady

but this sem break, dunno why
semangat to learn back
so today going out, then pursue my father let me learn drive
he also allow me and then we go a wide area to learn
although today din drive on road
but at least i touch the steering after 4 years, haha
today train very simple
just drive round and round and round
and try simple parking and reverse
and i only use gear 1, haha
just wanna learn back the simple basic lah
can't call me go on the road yet
see when only i train for the next time lah ;P
and see when only i can drive on the road, haha
the day will come :)
just not now, haha

Sunday, June 14, 2009

what next?!

i think after this i will write this blog about my normal life or my mood
don't have so much things to say about sky or stars, haha
only sometimes i will update about those topic lah =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

我看过最美的星星the nicest starry sky i ever saw


the nicest starry sky i ever saw was during i standard six
that year, my primary school had held a trip to cameron highland
as in my memory, i remember cameron had a lot trees
but deep in my memories, the moment i can't forget was
the moment i saw the sky full with stars at night...
the are really many many many stars in the sky
and shine beautifully in the sky...
maybe cameron is high on the hill, so we can saw the stars clearly
hope there is one day in the future
that i can go to cameron again
and see the starry sky again...
hope the stars are still there waiting for me...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

*** sky ***

why i always name myself as sky?
it is because my name initial is sly
sly is similar with sky
so from the moment i found this
i started to like the word 'sky'
and from that on
i really like to see the sky
sky is like an amazing world

what contained inside?
it having sun~ which giving brightness to human beings in the day
= it seem like giving power for ppl
to start their day and get their job done
it having moon~ it also giving brightness to human being in the night time
= it seem like giving power for ppl during we are facing problem
it having stars~ stars are shining in the dark sky
= it seem like still giving little hopes to ppls even ppl is in trouble
so, it seem like giving ppl to pray for wishes which might come true one day
it having clouds~ cloud do not have fix shape, it can always change shape
= it seem like the things that will happened to us
some will be happy n some will be troublesome
but remember cloud in troublesome form can be solved to happy form too
because it can changed and re-shaped (after rain, the cloud back to fair and white and there might be rainbow hiding behind)
it have winds too~
= which will be a force to push us forward and we need to know how it blow and makes it benefits to us
i like a forward msg which wrote like this:
I send my cares to the wind...n asked the wind to pass them to you...when you feel the wind blowing against ur face...that's me saying TAKES CARE ALWAYS =)

In day time, sky is bright and seem powerful
In night time, sky is dark but there are stars and moon in it, so it still giving light for us
so, remember when we are in dark, don't worry, there are still stars n hopes that will help us.
and wait...
another day is coming...
which is full of brightness

sky is like our live
it's full with power
and sometimes we will face troublesome
but we always can solve it
because there are hopes n ppl surround that will help us

if u ask me what in the sky i like the most, i will say... i like the stars a lot
so i name this blog as sky of wishes~~~stars ***

hope u like this post, enjoy~~~

my blogging world is started

my blogging world is started
i always like to record my mood n emotion in my writing
i like to write than read actually
but seldom got ppl know it
i remember when i do such quizzes in facebook
almost everyone choosed i like to read than write
only one ppl is correct choosing i like to write than read
i dunno when i will open this blog for everyone to view
maybe sooner one day~~~depends...
anyone that approach here and read this,
hope u enjoy
my emotion quite fluctuate,
sometimes happy, sometimes moody
hope it don't bored u =)


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