Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My 3rd Year of Uni life

Wow, there is almost a month I did not update my blog, bcoz I had been gone through a pack and busy month which full of examinations and racings to obtain the thesis titles. Sorry for any of my blog readers (although it might be only 3 of u: jenn, eeleen n liling). Haha. I not sure did others friends got come and read or not lah, but I know 3 of u are the most activate one. Others come by can give a comment also, to let me know u did read my blog oh. =) Therefore, i sekali gus upload 3 blogs in a row. Haha.

The time seem ticking so fast, my third years studies had already been completed. This semester is considered my best semester in this 3 years, I really have a lots of fun with friends and even have make new friends. The remaining of my third year will be my practical training session which will be taking place in a food factory for 6 months. Now, I still remain in Sabah for about 20 days to go home, because I dunno why suddenly decide to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 which would be held on the 1st Sunday of every year even though I found it is hard for me, but I will try my best to do it since I already register to take it.

Now my final examination period had just ended. This semester although is not really a busy one, however it did have many things for us to worry about:
1) Industrial training placement
2) Thesis selection
3) 4 exams in 2 days in final examination
4) Dr Chye scientific assignment (curry chicken and my Mangifera spp. seed)

Right huh? My fellow SSMP friends and coursemates (these are our biggest worries of the semester). Well, now all are passed and everything already been settled successfully, yeah… We all are still very much alive, haha. Although it is tough but all had already been gone through together, so give a big applause to ourselves, yeah…

And ya, now all the examination are ended, so my friends are one by one started going back to their hometowns which locate mostly in West Malaysia. I think I will gonna miss them loh, now already started to miss them~~~HY n LL. Haha.

These 3 years had gone through much of the experiences with my friends:
Study together, Doing assignmentsss together, Eating together, Go kai kai together, Go watch movie together, Singing karaoke together, Celebrating birthdaysss together, Chatting together even until midnight or morning, Travelling together, Having adventurous together (Rafting), Camping together about happiness and even share the unhappy one, Staying together, Worrying something about studies together and many many more…

All of these will become our most beautiful and wonderful memories. Although some incidents might be bitter on the moment it occurred, however it would be memorable and interesting when we memorize back now or in the future.

Its really having fun experiences with you all…actually it is not only the fun moments…but all the moments that all of us had spend together … had gone through a lot up and down in our uni life together…without you all, my uni life will be more boring and meaningless (Suddenly found like I seem like saying about I gonna graduate huh…haha). I know we would see each other again after 7 months, hope our friendship would not change after those period.
Keep in touch ya. Miss you all =)

Walking through the Memory Lane of Year 3 Semester 1 2009

1. Having trip in Kudat ~ Rungus Long House
2. Trip in Kelly Bay
3. Jump jump jump in Kelly Bay
4. Change room from 4 ppls to double room (my ex-roommates) 5. Prior rafting, taking Beaufort train
6. Yeah, Rafting
7. Dinner gathering of hui loo b’day
8. Dinner gathering of jenn n pei chee b’day
9. Me n liling camping in Kelly Bay =)
10. Me homestay in Kar wai house in KF
11. Visit to Rumah Anak Yatim Tambunan (Community Nutrition Fieldwork)
12. SSMP appreciation night (Steamboat+BBQ) in 1Borneo
13. AIM nights ~ girls
14. AIM nights ~ gang of the day

re-updated luggage bag

Third year first semester had passed
And next semester, we all need to go practical
So all our things need to move out from hostel
And during this time, I found a thing 大家一向来感觉很“leong”或非常不入流的
Which everyone thought it is very outdated one 印象中大多数是大陆mui拿的蓝白红袋子
Which taken by most of the China girl at previous century
The blue white red bag
After being re-designed,

It become very popular again
因为它没有特定的形状,容量又大 Bcoz it do not hav fix shape n capacity also big
No matter the things is square or round also can fit in 所以非常适合我们学生用来装一直以来所买的东东 So, it is very suitable for we students to
fit in all the stuff that bought during our study period 真的几乎每个学生都手拿一个,甚至几个嘞
Almost all the students hav 1, even more than 1
And I found that
我也发现某知名品牌还曾经 Some famous brand even
拿它做设计蓝本呢==〉 Take it as basis of design and produced -->
The model even take it and catwalk leh
So good right? haha
Anything that outdated could be re-updated

Cubicle time!!!

During examination time, I almost everyday also 闭关 (close myself in a room). Haha. I almost everyday also went to library from morning to night and close myself in the cubicle. It seem like a hotel for me, just without bed, haha. It hav aircon, a huge table and a chair in the cubicle, the environment is so nice for study. And the chosen cubicle is cubicle 1: which is the furthest cubicle and located at the side, so nobody can disturb me and when I read, I disturb no one also. Our library cubicle looks like this:

My 'hotel' key, haha

Really thankful that our UMS library have those nice cubicle =)


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