Saturday, June 19, 2010

A beautiful morning

This morning scenery is beautiful (taken during on the way to work) 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Primetime Bazaar

Today I had went to Primetime Bazaar in UTAR
to support my secondary schoolmate: Jackson How~Z-son
~Art Exhibition
This exhibition is held by his school as required by his course
This is the first time i had visited to Art Exhibition
I regret didn't bring camera there
If not i could took some pictures from there
I think most of the pictures and designs are nice
Different designers have different style
--> some very artistic, some are cute
--> some of them like to take photo of objects or persons
--> some like to draw out with themselves
Overall its nice =)
Then we had watch the short video clips that made by the students
some is meaningful, some funny
but also have several clips that can't thoroughly deliver the message to the audience
They also gave us a lucky bag which contained different things
My paper bag contained Primetime EXPO magazine, Doodle (the art of animasia studio 2009) , comic king, sunway pyramid privilege card, Carl's Jr discount voucher, banana pen and another pen.

Here are some of their hard works
that I just captured from the Primetime EXPO magazine

I like these pictures a lot
one look more artistic, another captured nice scenery
These 2 images captured from Doodles, like this kind of style...deep thinking
This one had been made by my friend during his intern
Souvenir in Lucky bag (banana pen) & a cute name card i took
[this card owner have a photograph captured of smoke (asap)]
It look nice...but i din bring camera, so it will be placed in memory
All the souvenir I get from the lucky bag, & even get a pyramid privilege card =)
If got chance, I might went to see others exhibition
Didn't thought that  I will like artistic things too...but don't tooo artistic until I don't know what it drawn then okay, haha.

P/s: to edit the photos, placed the photo in proper position, combine pictures and write description for this blog, it uses me whole night to did it...sleepy-nya.

For more of my outing detail of that day, can refer my friend's blog: chroniclesofbreath
You can see the dim sum breakfast we ate (yummy) and some of the others amazing features in the art exhibition.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010





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