Friday, February 12, 2010

Discover the importance of English Language

English is an international language, but nowadays only found out that my English level not really high.
I have a lot grammar problem and lack of vocabulary during writing sentences. Previously, i not really mind about this issue, but nowadays (after started to work), i only found out that English is a quite important language use for communicate. Although my working environment normally speak mandarin, but all the reports required are in English. My level of English is quite basic where most of the time, i only wrote with simple sentences. The words used to write also quite simple and lack of power. So, it is not enough for convincing people in a more scientific or critical way.
In my training area, there are 2 trainees, me and L. L's English level is better than me, so he could always help me to change my grammar after i compose some reports. Really thanks to him. However, this cases also had alarmed me about my poor English and now i am thinking ways to improve it. Although my level of English is basically still sufficient to be used in this working environment, but i still thinking that i could be better and should become better to enable me to having a better chance during competing with others in the market for the future.  But, how to improve?
The most needed aspect is improving my writing skill in English, then improve my listening skills, vocabulary and speaking skills in English.
Any suggestion? I really use quite some time to wrote out this blog, to make it more formal and reducing the usage of "informal word". Hope my English could become expert and excellence sooner or later. =)


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