Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas eve and Christmas tmr

First, I'm here to wish my Christian's Friends
Merry Christmas!!! ^^
I know for Christian, 
it is not a day only to exchange present (may applicable for some non-Christian couple, haha)
but these are the day to gather and share the joy with family
and celebrate Jesus birthday (right?)
I can see many of my friends already started to be very excited nowadays 
because Christmas is around the corner
They planned what to cook for family and what gift to be give for their love one
Actually for me, these two days might just another two normal days for me, haha
Maybe because i am not Christian, and my family don't have tradition to celebrate it
But i know, this is a warm and happy festival to be celebrated for most of my friends
So, I'm here to wish you all Merry Christmas~~~
and ya, i got a Christmas Card for you all, hope you all like it, haha. 
Please click on the link above.
I get it from an email, i found it quite nice and sweet, so I would like to share it here with you all.
Hope you all like it :)


Candlelyn said...

yeah~merry christmas~

iWah said...

Merry Christmas to you too :]

carol marol said...

:D thankee!! be merry on christmas!! :D

lysiew said...

aiwah and carol, i am happy that both of you visit my blog and read this post, bcoz this post really is purposely direct to you two and another two sabah friends. :)


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