Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kudat trip (uses a lot time only finish uploading everything in blog)

After came to sabah for 2 years, I think this is the first time I travel.
This is a 2 day 1 night trip to Kudat. Our trip had been joined by 15 members, which are Kar Wai, Ken, ah Yung, Laisan, Charlotte n sis, Kaang Cheing, shian, tienpoh, zaoxying, tracie, wan seong, zibin, pin ping and me. 15 of us divide into 3 cars, which is Saga, Wira n a small Kelisa.
Why 2 big car, 1 small car? It is because the car rental company had not enough big cars for us. So, they send 5 of us which look thinner one, to sit in this small small kelisa. The Kelisa 5 are me, Kar Wai, Ken, ah Yung and Laisan. Me, KW n Yung sit behind, but the space still enough for us, still quite comfortable, just the aircon not enough strong.
The road to Kudat all belok-belok one, must be really careful while driving. From Kota Kinabalu to Kudat, we saw so many sign boards which written Kawasan Kemalangan, Slow, and Kurangkan HadLaju. There is one part of the road which in maintenance, when car pass through is all sand and dust flying around…

1st station: Kg Madu Gombizau Bee Farm
Nothing much special. Even need to pay RM4 to go in see bees n honey, all of us think this money is not worth it. And I bought a bottle of honey there. The funniest thing there should be wearing a hat with net.

2nd stationSumangkap Gong Making
This station also need to pay, but we think will not worth it, so we didn’t pay to go in. We just going there taking picture with the super big Gong, then we chao already.

3rd stationKudat Town
Here, we took photo in front the port, saw the memorandum of beginning Malaysia at 1963/9/16, drink 100 plus in Mamak.

4th stationTips of Borneo/Tanjung Simpang Mengayau
Place which is representative of Kudat. Located at the most north of sabah, which is the dog’s ear in the map of sabah.
The road after turn in the junction heading to tips of Borneo is weird. Why I say weird is because, the road at the beginning and end is in good condition, but dunno why middle had no proper road, just covered by sand and small stones. This stone road is about 10 minutes long, sometimes there are dust flying around until can’t see the road in front properly. Luckily we are driving the rental’s cars, not our own car, if not sure very sakit hati loh.

After a long way, finally we saw Tanjung Simpang Mengayau .The scenary there is so nicewhich have blue blue sky, blue n clear ocean, and smooth white sand beach. We plan to see sunset at Tips of Borneo, so we directly drive up to Tips of Borneo.
The wind there is really strong, some of the picture become funny because of the wind.

We all really took a lot picture there.

During climbing up and down of the rocks natural staircase, luckily got helped by Ken, so we all girls are safe. Thanks.
After we took pictures, we need to rush immediately to Long House which is the place we stay. I say we need to rush, because the road had no lamp at all. Before we go out, they ask the ice-cream hawker about the road, and he very kindhearted and give us the map. But they not fully understood the map, so we almost think we are lost. I think even we had lost, our Kelisa 5 also no need t worry, because we got 3 cars 15 ppls, a lot petrol, 3 guys in our car, got foods such as bread, biscuits, honey, and water, really enough for us to live for few days.
This part of road, seem like is a part of our adventurous.
5th station: Rungus Long House
Around reach at 8pm. We ate dinner first. The dinner was just normal dishes comprises of 2 vege,1 chicken dishes, 1 fish and a cup of sabah tea. Then, the people there have performances for us, which are 2 traditional dance and traditional musical instrument performance. They got teach us the first dance too. The traditional instrument performance is special, because they said this is the way they tell their love between a girl and a guy. The female will use her nose to blow the seruling, while the guy will play the traditional wood guitar.

After that, we give an advanced birthday surprise to one of the member: Laisan

After that, everyone rebut to bath. Me and Kar wai went together, she leads me along the road to toilet, because I din wear spec. Thanks Kar Wai. The toilet condition there is still okay.
After everyone had bath. Game time begin. We played the “Killer” game until 3am. The game is fun, but just I do not get to become killer or doctor, so a bit boring sometimes. And dunno why they always say me is Killer, sweat . So, after that I lazy already, and just lazy to explain n just stand aside to watch n laugh. After finish game, they said want to see sunrise at 4am, but because the game had end too late, nobody really willing to wake up on time.
On that night, me, kar wai n Ken stay in the same room. The bed even go mosquito-net, it was the first time I sleep in bed with mosquito-net.
On the another morning, I am the earliest wake up among our 3, haha. After brushing teeth and ate breakfast, we are crazy taking pictures again.

I had bought a souvenir from the Long House, which is a bracelet.

6th stationPekan Sikuati
Wanna go their Tamu to buy local foods, but we are late, and the stores are closed.
7th stationroadside 1on the way from kudat to Kota Belud
We found a special Jagung known as Pulut. When you bite it, really seem like biting rice.
Then, I also share with a friend of a fruits which look like mango but not mango, even got a bit taste with durian, haha.

8th stationKota Belud
We are heading to their Tamu too, but we reach quite late, nothing much to buy too
The funniest thing is that along the road into Kota Belud, there are many cows around, one even crossing the road in front tracie car, luckily she could stop.

We really chat a lot during the way back to KK, and really have a happy conversation.
8th stationroad side 2near Indah Permai
They suggested to eat Coconut Puding. The Coconut Puding seem special, because in the coconut, it has no coconut water or coconut meat, but have pudding. They also order a set of Lokan, which are the super big Shellfish type, I had tried one, and the taste is quite delicious.

After eating, we are prepared to back to UMS. Finally, we took a Picture of our Kelisa 5.

I really enjoy the trip very much. It is really joyful. Thanks for Kar Wai and the gang had planned it successfully and allowed me to join them. I really thanks to KarWai, because she willing to accompany me for the whole journey, so I am not alone. Thanks. Hope for another travelling trip soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009


my brain really like 打结 this week
think too much ady
about Latihan Industri (Industrial Training)
Next semester (from 2 jan-30 june)
i will have my working environment
since monday until now,
still thinking whether want i really want
food industry or government
because we took food science and nutrition,
so both areas of works are possible for us
but government mostly study community nutrition,
next time graduate dunno can work as what
so, i decided after yesterday calling a senior
to be work in food industri
in my mind, i could trained myself in the food quality assurance field
it would help me find works in the future
and no matter how, i still got study nutrition
now i not industrial training in nutrition,
but next time if i really want to be nutritionist,
i still can study it and get the cert to be a real nutritionist
bcoz as i know my courses after grad,
will not be a real nutritionist, except get a cert first
i seem like always talk to myself nowadays
to convince myself to work in which environment
and i today just send an email to a food company
hopefully could get good news soon
okay, i wanna forget all this trouble ady
tmr will follow my friends go to trip in Kudat
must really relax myself
and let my brain rest
it really tired nowadays bcoz thinking of this LI things
and wanna take lots of fun fun pics

Friday, July 17, 2009

sabah 6

today i directly write in english lah
malas to type in chinese and translate to english
although i prefer type in chinese
bcoz my chinese is better to tell out my feelings
now is almost 3pm, still haven't got my lunch yet
should be getting it soon
not eat just now bcoz i know 11am-2pm will be a lot ppl
i tak mau me sendiri taken 1 table, make ppl no place to sit
and seem rather kesian when everyone around is gang gang
about the double room case:
now i had send 1 letter to the HEP, and later need to send another 1 to the ppl in charge
about the audit:
i had register the japanese lanjutan 1 courses (but still haven't make up my mind whether want to take jlpt3, bcoz in the first class, i found jlpt3 seem so hard),
maybe need to study more first only decide
about my b'day:
this year is better than the previous 2 years
this year got 2+ celebration
on 1 day prior to my b'day,
had invite me to sing karaoke
had a fun session with them
and they had give me a present
at first i think dun wan a bear, but tak sangka they really buy 1 for me
but after i unwrap it, i found that it is so cute
and like it so much
now everyday it accompany by my side when i sleep =)

then on my real day
early in the morning, i receive jenn jenn msg, ask me wear nice nice
after think... i decide wear the orange blouse(a lot ppl praise it nice, haha, dunno real or not)
then on 5.30pm, my friends fetch me for dinner celebration
although no present on this day
but the meal and cakes (secret recipe) are considered great for me
and we had a fun and enjoy session of chatting =)
both day add up equal to a perfect birthday celebration
thank you my friends
whose had my big day great =)
now another things had come...
internship application
today lectural had announce in class
so now should be everyone finding a company for practical
(heard my nearby cubicle room, got 2 coursemates are chatting about this, they dunno i hear it)
i thinking whether want food industries or health related hospital
so i think maybe Nestle or Selangor Medical Center (SMC)
which are good company and quite near to my house
dunno they will accept me or not...
hopefully they will...thanks =)
okay lah, write until here, should be time to lunch ady

Saturday, July 11, 2009


久违了的ums library bilik kubikal
now i online in library
the internet speed is much slower than home's one
but better than my own hostel room, where totally no line at all
long time that i had not been come to ums library cubicle room
haha, i am back
i still remember previous sem, i almost will come here twice a week
me alone in a small room
quiet and bright; easier to online and finding books
i think if library had bed in the cubicle room
i might want it as my own bedroom
bcoz it will be way better than my hostel room, haha
normally i come library is to online, only sometimes is finding books =)


我还记得1st year
而2nd year
是个没planning 的庆祝会,但至少还有人为我庆祝啦
不知这次3rd year
~~~祝我生日快乐/happy birthday to me~~~
Nowadays seem to have habit to write diaries
Maybe is because blog diaries could let my emotion all released out
Time had passed so fast, half year had passed
And I had go through my uni life for 2 years ady
Soon will be 3rd year, and be ppl’s seniors
But actually I still seem like an immature first year freshman, haha
Younger mind izzit good things =)
Today is 10 july, few more days would be my b’day
Dunno got anyone remember it n celebrate for me?
I had come to sabah for 3 years
Still remember during 1st year
My b’day is on the 2nd week of uni
And nobody know it
So I had gone through that day all by me alone, I even cry in room bcoz no one is in the room that day
While on 2nd year
A group of friends celebrate by eating with me
It is a celebrating without planning, all spontaneous, but at least there are someone celebrate with me lah
Now, soon will be 3rd time b’day here
Dunno how will it be?
Maybe there are a lot ppl thought b’day is not important
But for me, who are always being forget
It is a big day for me, it is my day
Only on this day, there will be ppl notice me and care for me
So, every year I have a big hope about it
I know there are very little ppl know about this blog, so only I tell my feelings
~~Happy birthday to me~~


第一站:kk town
之后就makan time…
那就是等到中午12点,吃它的set lunch (便宜嘛,哈哈)
惟有搭1 borneo 的巴士去1 borneo,再从那儿搭回大学去
第二站:1 Borneo
Today has good weather, but my room is dark
Not I having bad mood, just my roommate are sleeping
Because I had discuss with them about
Whoever sleep can off the light
(actually is me that made this rule, bcoz I can’t sleep if the light is on)
Now what should I write?
Hmm… okay lah, write about yesterday
Yesterday, trip of go out with friends happily become bus complaining trip
1st stop: kk town
Bus had change route, I almost can’t recognise the road ady
Luckily got friend know the direction and lead us to the destination
But still it need to walk a long way only reach
Then…makan time
We had show up a very students style of makan time, haha
Which we wait until it is 12pm, then we go in restaurant to eat set lunch
(haha, cheaper mah)
Then, after walk, wanna go back, but dunno how the bus route going
So we decided to take 1 borneo bus to 1borneo and then from there back to uni
2nd stop: 1 borneo
At first in 1borneo, see see look look buy buy is quite happy
But then, getting bus problem pulak
At first we plan to go back at 5pm
But then the ticket took on 5pm is for 7pm one
Omg, what should we do during this 2 hours?
Then we waited there until 6.30pm
There are bus with empty seat,
So we get up the bus, and back to uni half hour earlier
p/s: why bus system changed until like this one? Really is wasting our time, time of students is very valuable, I think they should know it.
It will be so good, if we got car…

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


应该只能audit 其中一科了
In the first week of my uni reopen
I almost every night also ajak friends go eat dinner and chit chatting
It was really fun
But we all know, the busy time will come soon……
So, now we meet more, and play more first
My roommates are quite okay lah
But if still possible, I still prefer double room
Because if really wanna study, it is better in a room which is more quiet
2 ppls also easier to be tolerate than 4 ppls
Nowadays always thinks:
Should I take Japanese language proficiency test level 3 and audit molecular nutrition or not?
These 2 are good subjects
But I already taken 6 subjects, and got 3 lab sessions
So I think I only could audit one of the subjects only
At first I already join the Japanese class, now suddenly got ppl suggest molecular nutrition
But this molecular nutrition lecture time is clash with my another main subject
So should be more confirm only taking jap only
These few days also need to make such choices
Really quite tiring
I hope I had choose correctly
Life if full of choices, while each choice we had made will lead us to a totally different way


I am just back to sabah for second day
3rd year 1st semester started
Just back to hostel,
A bit nervous
Because I hope to changing room(the ori room cannot on9)
But then, I still getting the same room, same bed
But diff table and totally diff roommates(1990 born first year)
And my coursemate had moved too
My mood on that day really… dunno how to say… seem like complaining the whole day
During dinner time, I heard a lot ppl was apply for double room on previous sem, and got approved
Another friend heard this news from me, and suggest me to apply this sem and directly live in double room this semester, so no need to wait 4th year only change
I quite agree with this suggestion, because we are having same opinion (no noise, off lamp while sleep)
But she will be back home during raya holidays, then it will remain me alone in room
This is just a try, and dunno whether could get it?
My new roommates all are goods
Just they are too close with each others and always chatting and with loud voice
And sometimes even disturb my sleep at noon and night
Now still okay, but if next time assignment or exam time
I dunno whether they will change to be quiet? Or still the same?
Because during this two moments, I want my room to be totally SILENT
Dunno what can I do, and how to solve the problem
But after all, this sem should be happier than previous semester
Because I am closer with some friends, and even could chat for 4 hours (wow)
It is fun now
Better than previously which always be left alone
Thank you u all
But still
I am thinking home is the warmest place on earth, miss my home
Hope my family will always be safe, healthy and happy =)

Saturday, July 4, 2009



i gonna go back sabah ady
gonna miss the life in hometown
with my beloved family members
and my best shah alam friends
gonna stop the holidays that i enjoy for two months
although i sometimes say boring,
but this boring is happy
gonna leave my hometown again for studies
not really willing, but it is a must...
a bit curious what life will i meet after i go back
a bit hoping that will hav a fun semester with friends
but also a bit afraid to meet any problem
but anyway
i know
i must really enjoy the remaining 2 years of my Uni life
its the remaining of my study time
make it as a nice and enjoyable memory
which will also give me a bright future~~~
hope in this new sem, i will have a good time
always think in positive way, not negatively
and learn to be independent
but in another way, learn the social skills
make more friends
and be a real happy person

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

This tuesday had go out to sunway pyramid for the hottest movie now
wiht miss jeannie and mr shih wai
which had a 'kelakar' eating session in middle
thanks for inviting me to the movie session =)
it is consider a nice movie (as everyone say this)
i agreed
but just i still have the same prob watching it with transformers one
i everytime also cannot recognise who is good one or not, while they are fighting
but overall it is still a great movie =)
so everyone go and watch lah

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Activities during semester 4 holidays

time passes really fast
although i have 2 months holidays for 4th semester
but this holidays gonna finish within days

at the beginning of the holidays
i found that it is a bit boring...
but now it gonna finish,
i found it passes so so fast...

what i had done during this holidays?
my holidays was simple and consider boring
bcoz almost everyday what i do is only
sleep, eat, watch tv, and play computer
like an animals oh )^..^( , haha
i saw some ppls holidays so fun and meaningful
go travel around, quite jealous oh :)

overall my holiday got 4 important activities lah
the first activity is with my uni ssmp friends
my school, known as ssmp
had held a trip to ukm n upm to visit their food faculty
within that 2 days,
i found that my uni nicer than ukm, but upm nicer than us, haha
but ukm hostel is good, only 2 ppl in the room, my one 4 ppl leh
the courses standard i not sure, but should be around the same level in all uni
that 2 days also hav fun with my uni friends
chatting n playing during the whole activities
and camwhoring during the whole activities too, haha (usual activities)

22 到 24 may
可是至少大家有缘认识,成为朋友 =)


全思营的营友,我也很高兴有缘和你们相识 =)

the third important event during this holidays is father's day
when i come back to hometown for holiday
that time i just missed mothers's day (sorry mum)
but still got father's day in june
that day, my whole family with my bro gf celebrate together
i think this is the first time that really had planned
my bro really organised it well and make my father so happy =)
we went to Dragon-i in sunway pyramid eat, saw astro fly on air, watch movie, eat in serdang

whole day are full with activities
and everyone are happy =)
the fourth important event is reunion with secondary friends
there are 10 of us having lunch in sushi zanmai (mv the garden)

me and teng share eat, salmon sushi, tempura n unagi

while others also order a lot type of japanese foods
the food there is okay lah, (i think are better than sushi king)
and the foods for 10 of us cost rm250++
consider okay lah
then we walk around mv and
~me bought a shirt
~usual camwhore in girl's toilet
~jackson take pic with his advertisement design
~ate krispy kreame donut

~met my old long lost secondary friend n another uni friend
wear sunglasses together in ktm station and take pic =) (cool girls)

wait n sempit together in ktm (got back to kl station~place full with form 6 tuition memories)
and of course we had chit chat smile laugh the whole session
and the most fun sentences on that day must be
"buy lah, buy lah" that created by c.lup, haha
really enjoy and had fun that day with my best best shah alam friends
i will missed u all during i'm in sabah


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