Friday, August 28, 2009

Kelly bay trip + crocodile farm

Another fun activity during the holidays is Kelly Bay Trip
Kelly Bay is not considered Sabah well known travel destination
However, its promotion leaflet for university students shows that it includes activities such as
unlimited banana boat, kayak, surfing & water bicycle
So, it attracted us to go for it.
On the day of travel, we had sat the small school bus

Our first destination is crocodile farm

Inside the farm have a lot of crocodile (“duh”, of course), deer, cat fish, binturong beruang, peacock, fishes, ostrich and others… A lot of pictures had been took there, some of them look quite funny, haha.

(Liling, your turn to become my model to introduce the ostrich, haha)

After we finished our site seeing in the crocodile farm, then we sit back the school bus and went to Kelly bay… after about 10 min, we reached the jetty and took a sampan-boat that heading to Kelly bay.

Prior went up to Kelly bay,
all of us are busy applying sun block
Included the guyssss, haha.
This is how guys applying sunblock, haha.
After lunch, everyone run to the beach
This is the first time I know what is a bay

Kelly bay scenery is really nice
The sky and water are blue
Of course in this beautiful place, we took a lot crazy photos again

Some peoples play others by pressing people into water,
splashing water and etc.
Pity JY being pressed by ah heng
but after that, he press me into water pulak
Then, of course we got ride the unlimited banana boat

The banana boat is very 'good', it will capsize u 3 times++ per round
I heard some people said, they 1 round capsize about 7 times
And I also heard some people said,
They even played 7 rounds of banana boat
They really really crazy...
Really crazy but totally worth it if you like to play banana boat a lot
Although it is unlimited, but I only sit twice for the banana boat
However, still capsize for 6 times, which are 3 times each round
I remember the second round, we tell the uncle:
“Uncle uncle, we don't want capsize so many time,
1 time is enough, you just bring us around to view the scenery”
Mana tau
Ya, uncle really got give chance for us to view the scenery
But after all, he still capsize us for thrice, haha
In the second round, we learn how to turn the boat to prevent capsize
We only capsized when uncle purposely want us to get into water
Haha, its fun
Then, we rest at the beach where it got a lot ‘salong’ (like things for baby sleeping)
When me and liling are comfortably resting there, while looking at the blue sky
Suddenly, JM, the "puak makan orang" come and disturb us, haha

After resting, I joined the volleyball match
I help them score very little only, while my teammates are good

After finished the game, it is about time to sunset
The sunset scenery is nice, so romantic~~~

The meal provided is okay, but I like the breakfast the most
Breakfast is western style, quite delicious
The dinner provided is also okay (BBQ style)

After dinner, some people started to play card games

While my table play 火车,火车,嘟、嘟、嘟,你要去哪里
The long lost game that we always played during primary school

At night, we sleep in a camp
It is the first time I slept in a camp that built on the sand, very special :)
At first, we supposed to sleep in a camp with 4 peoples
But the other 2 slept too early
So me and LL decide to shift to a smaller camp beside

There are a lot stars at night… (I like stars…)
On the coastline, we saw some dimmed light
The most funny thing is my friend said that it might be sunrise
but that time is around 11pm already, haha
Then, another guy answer that it most probably is petroleum station
(This is more logic, haha)
About the game,
In this trip, we played Killer game again, haha
In 3 rounds game, I got Killer card twice
It is really excited and stress to become a Killer
But yet I'm able to act successfully and cheated a lot people.
The game prepared by Kelly Bay is fun and exciting
The Kelly Bay game start with a shooting game
(seem like i wanna shoot him, haha)
Then, big slipper

And the most exciting and disgusting game
The “lucky draw” ~~~got worm, chili padi, ginger with wasabi and raw egg
The worm is the most disgusting "prize",
Yet got 5 peoples so “lucky” to draw it and gonna eat it
Yerrr… see until I want to vomit
Got a girl even dare to bite it, really applause for her.
After those games, there are free time for us
LL and PL want to go for water bicycle and kayak together
So, only left me alone (kesian-nya saya)
But, nvm
I decide to join in another group,
which are the ssmp guys group
Previously, I am totally not close with any of them
Mostly only hi-bye when i meet them only, seldom talk
But during the trip, i eat, chat, and sing with them
Even act ‘wu ding’ MV with them [the MV is very funny]

Kayak with them

Now, I know Xue chin, chee tze, jinq yih, and CCY more already
Got chat and joking with them nowadays, haha
These peoples are really friendly and funny too
Haha, really have fun in Kelly Bay with a bunch of friends
Because of this trip, I had fun during the holidays with tons of fun memories

And of course pictures and MV, haha
And also knew more friends
I really glad that I joined this trip.
Dunno when only all of us could gather for another time
and have another fun and enjoyable trip?
Waiting for it…


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       So blogger, how is it? You can leave a comment here. :)


Now, want to write my most fun holiday experiences during this semester. Yeah, at least try something new this semester already. The previous 4 semester holidays are not used for any travelling. I only got went to islands on the 1st month I come to Sabah.
Now, on this semester I had went to Kudat as I blog earlier. Then, I went RAFTING and KELLY BAY.
Yeah, I had went rafting finally
Previously, I really think whether I should go rafting?
In my thought, rafting is a dangerous activity
Because it deal with rapids of water
While I am a ‘dry duck’ that do not know swimming. So, I really scared of going this activity.
On the night before rafting, I can’t even sleep nicely~~~
However, when I heard my friends are organize it, I unbelievable immediately decide to take the challenge and try it
Suddenly think of the slogan of NIKE

I am accompany by some of my coursemates and other UMS-ian
LiLing, one of my best friends in UMS
Although she also same with me, frighten by the danger bcoz dunno swimming, But she also dare to take this challenge too after some consideration
During this journey, we talk a lot and experience rafting together, we are getting even closer.
In this trip, we also got to sit the old old train in Beaufort, the train is really moving slow, but the scenery along the way is nice and special lah

Luckily got Liling accompany me, so I am not alone
Bcoz in our boat of 8 ppls, the others 6 are just newly known on the spot, only both of us that know each others. She also save me for several times, When got ppl from others boat intend to pull me into the water
Thank you very much oh…
I get in the water 4 times
Once when the boat captain ask us jump to swim,
Once got another boat captain tarik me,
Once tarik by another boat member and
Once more is my own ship captain (Otai) ask others to capsize our whole boat
(This time of capsize is dangerous for me)
Bcoz I being trapped in the boat under water, When I decide to swim out of the boat, On the moment I want to go out, The boat suddenly press on my head, And my breath had tahan until almost the limit, Then luckily before I start to drink water, I had enable myself to get out from under the boat, This experience really scared me that time.
Until after that got a guy from another boat wanna tarik me into the water, I even begged him to not tarik me (LL saw this scene too, so, paiseh man, haha)
We are not close enough with the remaining ppl in my boat
So, our boat is not as fun as others
Got one of my friend’s boat, all of them quite know each others
I see them so fun until even singing 劲歌金曲in the middle of rafting. Haha, jealously
However, we still got experience of new things and hav fun and most importantly
Both of us are still alive now!!!
I remember I tell this to LL during taking train after the rafting activity
Actually, if it is not raining seasons, Rafting is not that dangerous lah
Mostly during rapid time, you won’t drop out from the boat, only will drop in

(just like Liling, haha)
Just you mostly will be pull into the water for several times
Actually this pulling activities is quite fun and entertaining one
Most of us when memorize back, Also is memorize the moment of by who and how being pull into the water. If u didn’t being pulled in the water, then it is not entertaining enough, haha
If any of you wanna go rafting, Remember organize a group of about 7 peoples with 3 girls and 4 guys
It couldn’t be all girls in the boat, bcoz they scared u all not enough energy to raft
And the boat will then be easily capsize during rapid
So, anyone interested?
If yes, then go ahead
It is the experience of a lifetime
However, me and LL decide not to play it again within several years
Once is enough, bcoz
We don’t like to endanger our life, haha.
Yeah, wanna thanks to Otai, our captain for controlling the boat so well
so, we didn't capsized during rapid time,
and he even give his shoes to liling
bcoz liling shoe had been gone swimming in the river ady when somebody pull her into the water...
He really is a good people, thank loh
Okay, enough of bla…bla…ing
Now is pictures time

(The only picture that we all saw the camera and every one of us smile and “peace”)

Friends' b'day celebration with great FOODS!!!

Since long time I didn’t update my blog
Today I want to upload several
First, I think of telling event that happened one month ago
Me and my usual Sabah gang had celebrate b’day for 2 b’day girl
~~~ Jenn & PC ~~~

We went to a place known as Hill Top to eat steak
That place really well known with its steak
Because it is LARGE and CHEAP!!!
I had ordered a lamb chop with mushroom sauces

It is quite delicious,
Because the lamb chop had it ori tenderness yet still soft
(Previously I got tried a lamb chop in Damai restaurant,
It is too tender until I cannot really cut it, like cutting a piece of rubber)
The portion of lamb chop given here is BIG (3 medium pieces)
Good for me bcoz I have a big stomach, haha
After see the picture got mouth watering or not?
Then, we got buy cake from a bread shop known as “Uncle Biscuit”

This shop is quite popular among UMS students
Everyone said the baked product there is special and delicious
Such as its specialty Durian Pancake (I got eat but forgot take pic)
I heard it only sell at night, because dun want the shop smell Durian whole day, haha
Golden Pillow (With baked cheese and a big piece of ham inside)

(Picture taken by hp, so not as nice as the camera pic)
If u ask me how golden pillow taste,
I would say taste of a big HAM bun taste
Overall, had a good night time with friends
With some delicious food~~~yummy!!!

Long time no blogging

It’s been a long time I do not update my blog already
I think about 2 weeks ady
But I think my blog normally nobody viewing one
So, I think is okay gua
(Anybody viewing there???)
Blog is not update maybe due to the buzy-ness nowadays
Although previous week is holiday
But I am not free
Because I had involve in many activities, haha
While now, school is reopens
Then all midterm exams will be started
This will continue for about 1 month
Until another holiday week of Hari Raya come
I really wish the holidays to come soon
However prior to holiday,
I must take all the midterm exams first!!!
Today, the Thursday of the first week school reopen
My course got a midterm
The notes only got 3 chapters and this is the first midterm exam
So, everyone have enough time to read and even revise several time
All the questions the lecturer set is so difficult
A lot questions’ answer also I agak-agak one
I myself also can’t confirm the answer
6 pages of questions but only give 1 hour to do
I have no time to think deeply and need directly answer it
And after 1 hour had finish, only she said add half more hour for us
She should said earlier, so we could answer more slowly and carefully
With more thinking works
Sometimes, I also dunno what I had answer
It consider one of the hardest test I had taken so far
Now, what I only can do is wait and HOPE
HOPE that my marks is still okay
HOPE the lecturer don’t mark too strictly
(Although I know this lecturer is really a strict one)
HOPE others midterm will be easy for ME, haha
(izzit possible? Dunno lah…Hope lah)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Datin assignment

this two days i will be less go out from my room
because of needed to finish up Datin assignment
her assignment really very very special...
it needs tahoma 10, single spacing, and 30 pages
the words are so small and almost stick together
luckily this assignment is being done by 6 persons
if not, dunno when could be finish doing it lah
some more it need to be write in malay language
but normally the informations found are in english
so all are needed to be translate in malay
sometimes, it is troublesome
because with science term,
it is a bit hard to translate to malay language
such as long chain of polyunsaturated fatty acid
what will you say?
finally i wrote:
long chain of polyunsaturated fatty acid= rangkaian panjang poli-asid lemak tidak tepu
izzit correct? i not sure, hope Datin would accept this translation lah
i even download and now having 3 free translation dictionary
hope to finish the assignment soon,
and continue enjoying the day
ganbatte to myself +++
and anyone who have similar hard assignment,
you also must ganbatte oh +++

Friday, August 7, 2009


now everyone is worrying about H1N1
it is the worldwide problem
and now is spreading everywhere
heard that my uni had got 4 confirm cases
the 4 of them is now quaratine
but our uni still not close yet lah
see a lot ppl in uni wearing mask too
especially the librarian or the cafe workers
should i wear one? is really that serious ady...
1 week more, there will be school holidays,
i think that is why the school is still continue open
tahan 1 more week
if not, now holiday, that holiday will need to be replace back for class
a lot ppl had book ticket to fly home, or planned activities to do during holiday
hope within this 1 week, no additional case
and everyone will be stay healthy
don't be sick now
although i had see a lot ppl around me had sick since 1 month ago i back to sabah
now jelebu is attacking sabah too, the sea now seem blur blur view ady
everyone must take care and don't sick oh
include myself also must stay healthy
must eat well, only got good immune system to combat the disease or virus attack
immune system FIGHTING!!! jia you~~~

wow, i update 3 blogs readings in half an hour time, haha.

complicated mood: happy, tired and worry

wow, why i got so many mood at the same time?
because there are too many things happened

first: happy
why i so happy?
it is because i had successfully change to double room
previously is 4 ppl in a room, really noisy and hard to concentrate
always think how to make them quiet had make me tired
luckily now change to double room with my SSMP schoolmate (food tech)
PL san
just two of us, and the room will not be noisy anymore
the room will only got sound when both of us talk and have fun time
if we want quiet, we just din talk and doing our work, then the room won't noisy
it is good and got to sleep normal bed instead of double decker which need to climb
and could on9, just my lappy is not as strong as other com to catch the wireless line
and in this new double room block, got more good friends there
and i will not scare to forgot to wake up early in the morning, bcoz PL can always wake me up

second: tired
just moved the room from another block of 2nd floor to another block of 3rd floor, when shifting things really stuff have so much, the trolly i borrow from cafe is full...haha
got PL and 2 of my ex-roommate help me move, thanks~~~
i also tired because of assignment...
i got a lecturer ask us to do assignment in malay language but we are studying in english
it means after we find info, we need to translate everything
it will be double work, tiring... even is translate science term...oh...
and it is single space, 10 tahoma, as i know and need to write 30 pages by 6 peoples
just think of it, i will be very tired...

third: worry
as many ppl of third year in my school of ssmp
who choose to internship in private sector
a lot ppl is worrying that the company that they apply
will the company will accept them
i am one of them
got a company that i really interested in
i had email twice in two week, and today the third time
haven't reply me yet
but i really hope the company could accepted me as their trainee
then i have no need to worry anymore

God, please help me settle all this
hope all this will settle soon
don't make me worry so much
worry so much will lead to tiring too...

suddenly thought of this 3 mood will normally circular in human
when worry had been solve, we will become happy again =)

I want to become HAPPY!


now is about 12pm already, half more hours to go
the time and date add together will be
12:34:56, 7/8/09
which is 123456789
it will only appear in our life: once in a life time
so remember to view the clock that time oh
my friends =)


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