Saturday, September 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Review

I had stopped blogging quite a long period because I couldn't think of the topic to write on the very important #100 blog. 

After 2 months+ I experience using Samsung Galaxy Note, I decided to write a review as my #100 blog to benefits those who thinking of buying this phone. (Although I know Note 2 is coming soon)

This is my very first smart phone, before this I am thinking of buying either Note, S2 or S3. You may think why I would buy Note since S3 had released, the reason I am doing so is because of the S-Pen. S3 is better in every aspect than Note, but no matter how good it is, it still lack of the build-in S-Pen which can increase the accuracy of work. 

With S-Pen you can take note at anywhere anytime without the needs of finding paper and losing the paper afterwards. You may accurately draw, write, attach & edit anything with the ease of S-Pen (better than using your fat fat finger right?)

On the other hand, it's print screen (hand swap) & photo editor are my favorite features, as we can print screen & edit photos like follows: 
Since it have a large and HD display, so it is definitely a great device to watch video, read e-book and handling of office documents. 
Example: HD videos
Example: E-books (那些年, 我们一起追的女孩)
 Example: Microsoft Excel
On the other hand, please be careful in choosing your Samsung galaxy note casing. It is because my 1st Note casing is those type with magnet. When I use S Memo, I realize there is one part that cannot be written by S-Pen. Finally, I only realize is the magnetic field in casing which causes the malfunction of S-Pen (as per attached picture). 
Therefore, I bought another casing without magnetic field which very thin and comfortable to use. 
Overall, I love my Note so much and didn't regret of buying it rather of S3. Haha. 


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