Monday, June 20, 2011

My bangkok trip

I had went to Bangkok for 5 days 4 nights in the past few days.
The purpose of going is for competition,
although the result we obtain not the best, but its considered satisfying for me lah.

If you ask me what is the first impression of Bangkok,
I will say: the city is colourful and full of light
because when I reach at night, I saw all the public transport (taxi and bus) are so colourful,
and the bus and their parking lot is full of light and very bright

The consecutive impressions giving by Bangkok to me are:
The airport is so BIG!
The road is so BUSY!
The competition event is so HAPPENING!
The hotel is so COMFORTABLE!
The Grand Palace is so GREAT!
The Platinum's clothes is so CHEAP!
The BMW tower is AWESOME!
The tut tut is so CUTE n FUN!
The boat experience is NICE!
The taxi run by meter is AFFORDABLE!
The ice cream is CREATIVE!
The language is SPECIAL!
The peoples are FRIENDLY!
The peoples have strong CULTURE!
and my friend said:
The night market we went is "FUNNY" :p haha.

Overall, its a nice place to go.
If got chance, I sure will go to Bangkok for another time (actually wanna shopping, haha), maybe going Chatuchak and some Wat (temple). =).


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