Sunday, July 18, 2010

dim sum trip with family during father's day

Wow, its a long time since i really blog a real post
its due to my laziness and timing, haha.
this blog i said want to write from a month ago,
until now only i write, haha.
On 20 June 2010 a.k.a father's day,
me and my bro plan for a family outing (rare for my family, seldom go out)
he plan to go puchong and eat dim sum

He found this place through review of others blogs

When we reached there, really quite a lot ppl ady
we even need to queue up to wait the table

Here come our DIM SUM
   like 春卷(okay okay)                  虾饺(fresh &delicious)            鱼丸 (okay okay)
金丝球(i like it, delicious)       炸水饺 i think (above average)              芋角 (okay okay)
         酿矮瓜 (okay)                     香港猪肠粉(nice)                       小笼包 (got soup, quite okay)

Overall, the dim sum there considered quite nice lah
it looks pretty too
see i 随便 take the photo ady look quite delicious, haha.
It is located in the shop lot (corner shop) opposite IOI mall
about one row shop and two road away

After that we went to Old Town yumcha,
Old Town drinks i think i no need describe you all also know how it looks like lah
so i din take any photo here.

Haha, suddenly very missed those dim sum, i wanna eat you.
Hope can eat it next time when i am back to semenanjung. Hahaha. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Accumulated blog wanted to post

There are so many things i want to record and write in my blog
however, i have no time to do so in the past several months...
i think soon (maybe) i will write some and post it up...
a lot of time, when u have something to write, but no time to write
then u will forever not writing it anymore...
maybe time really can make u forgotten something...
if i really have time to update my blog...
i will write
  • my dim sum trip with my parents on father's day
  • my 6 months internship life
  • my early b'day celebration
  • life currently in sabah
Although i know my blog normally no much ppl will read
but it may become a record for me next time
which i can refer back...the moment i am happy, moment i am "grey", moment i want to share
blog is a public yet private site that we can share things together with others
and we can care for others by reading their blogs too...
okay, lets see i got time to write this or not...haha.


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