Friday, November 14, 2014

My laptop is having insomnia (SOLVED)

Recently I found that my laptop is having insomnia (insomnia? how can computer be insomnia???)

Most of you knew that computer have a function to SLEEP instead of direct SHUT DOWN, so it's start up time can be greatly reduced and you can re-access to your previous file immediately.

However, in recent 2 weeks, I found that whenever I put my laptop to sleep, it will started to black out in preparing to sleep but just in 2 seconds time it will on back and goes into the CTRL+ALT+DEL login page. So, it seems like insomnia and laptop cannot sleep at all. It either AWAKE (on) or DIE (shut down)...

Although I had tried adjust power setting (instruct computer on what to do when lid is closed, etc), but it still couldn't work. So, I had asked Mr Google and it direct me to many IT solution forum. Most of the forum online stated that it might due to system error (need to check system service which I don't know how) or it could be some new software/hardware (mouse or keyboard) installed that caused the problem. Finally I recalled that I had plugged in a new USB mouse recently and so I had detach it and put it to sleep again.

Miracle happened!!! It sleep nice and sound, hohoho. Very happy that my laptop can sleep again. So, if any of you found that your laptop also cannot sleep at the moment and accidentally pass by this post to find for solution, I hope my post can help you and bring some fun to your life.

Have a nice day!


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